Infill land and Building walls Is no problems.

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Infill land and Building walls Is no problems.

Post by Estate agents Ud » May 2, 2013, 12:01 pm

If you can live 15 min north we have 30 men that will build houses and infill land. Land prices are lower also the locals are friendly and honest.
They work for 350 Bhat a day per man but do a good days work.

This wall is 120 Meters long loacal co asked for 35.000 The men did it for 350 per day x 7 = 2100x7= 14.700 Thai Bhat
think what you would save building a house.

UdonThani City is now so Expensive so a great option is to buy near the new ring road.

If you are looking for Any size land just Advise We have lots stock. 0868 592 986

Estate agents Ud here to help you buy sell and rent in Udon

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