Application up to 45 days before extension expires

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Application up to 45 days before extension expires

Post by sometimewoodworker » April 7, 2022, 4:50 pm

FWIW. In the past Udon immigration had a maximum time of 30 days early for you to apply for your renewal.

They will now accept a renewal up to 45 days before the current extension expiration date, this in line with a number of other offices.

The 90 day report back date (you will have to do one as the maximum period is limited by you current extension) in my case is the same as the under consideration date (marriage extension), and that is 30 days after my current permission to stay expires.

On a non related matter they state the visit spouse 60 day extension (IMHO incorrectly) will cancel any existing time on your current extension, so it will give you 60 days but will run from the application day, it will not add onto your current extension. AFIK other offices will add the time to your current permission to stay.

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