New Members and the Private Message Function

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New Members and the Private Message Function

Post by jackspratt » November 20, 2022, 7:49 pm

Due to some discussion on one of the Classifieds thread, I asked Admin for clarification of the forum rules surrounding new members and private messages.

His answer was clear and concise, and hopefully can be referred to in future, where queries arise.
New members (generally members with ten or fewer posts) and members whose posts require approval before appearing are excluded by the software from the PM system. I have inquired of the software vendor in the past, and this is not something that I can modify.
This appears to mean that new members etc can neither send nor receive PMs.

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Re: New Members and the Private Message Function

Post by deankham » November 21, 2022, 4:46 pm

Just as a FYI and not trying to suggest it is possible with the UM configuration, but....

In the phpBB software it is possible to easily configure a number of posts that a new member must make before they have 'normal' privilege's. This includes stopping them sending any PM's and also meaning a mod/admin need to approve each post before this threshold is met.

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