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Best of Both Worlds

Post by parrot » March 1, 2020, 5:51 am

I bought a Huawei tablet several months ago after my 5 year Samsung tablet had issues. The HW is as good as the Samsung, same 10" screen size, easy to read in bright/dim light........and cost just 5990 Baht compared to $400+ that I paid for the Samsung several years ago.
Our daughter bought me a Jelly Comb bluetooth keyboard to go with the HW.........and now, as best as I can see, I have all the benefits of a laptop, at least for what I typically use a computer for. The keyboard seems to be as good, maybe better than many notebook keyboards I've seen......cost $28 in the US. The HW slips into a handy slot at the top of the keyboard. All the typical shortcut keys work as they do on my desktop. Although I haven't tried it yet, the keyboard can bluetooth to two devices simultaneously, so it's possible to use your tablet and smartphone at the same time.
I'm mentioning this because we've been considering buying a notebook for a M1 student to help with her schoolwork. Now I'm thinking this 7000Baht setup is better suited to what she needs.
For the time being, I'm glad I didn't opt to get a notebook when my Samsung crapped out.

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