old fashioned picture CD's

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old fashioned picture CD's

Post by stattointhailand » May 6, 2021, 3:25 pm

as anyone who reads this forum will be well aware ,computer tech & me do not tend to see eye to eye (i need the idiots version of the idiots guide that usually helps most people)
I've got quite a few photo cd's that just wont load ....more than half
on my old laptop cd's loaded and i could move to the next pic by clicking the right arrow and the next one appeared
I now have a new laptop (win 10) and have an external cd drive plugged in, The cd's I can view I have to click each file in the list to view, and then click the x to get rid of each (or they just sit one ontop of the other and I have to clear each one at the end. That whilst annoying I can cope with, but there are many cd's that when I try to load, the drawer springs open and I get a message telling me to load a CD. With tapes etc you just cut the "bad" bit out, stuck it together again and it played, but obviously that's not possible with CD's, so I'm wondering if there are any tricks that can be used to get problem CD's to play, or is it just a case of hard luck, throw away and forget them. Please remember I'm the Computer village idiot when this stuff is involved. Any (uncomplicated) advice would be greatly appreciated

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Re: old fashioned picture CD's

Post by bluejets » May 7, 2021, 6:16 am

For the first part of your query, it appears to be the software/program you are using to view your photos.

The older Windows 7 used Windows Photo Viewer which you could select as an alternative to say, Photoshop or whatever, by right clicking on a particular file, and selecting the former.
This then allows one to go from one file to the next successively, within the same folder.

Windows tends to pre-empt what you want by selecting a program last used or used primarily, or perhaps set as a priority program in options somewhere.

For the second part of your query, it appears the new player is simply not recognising your CD which can happen, especially when they are burned by you on an older, different brand/type of cd player.

Option there would be to copy your CD's onto a memory stick using your old pc or one which will read the CD, and then burn new CD's using the new player/burner.

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Re: old fashioned picture CD's

Post by tamada » May 7, 2021, 7:59 am

^ bluejets is correct in pointing out that the legacy picture viewer program was the key to how it worked on the OP's old laptop. As far as I know, W10 doesn't address that capability with a native app. Most "flip-viewers" are built to access data on either a HD or solid state memory and aren't designed to accommodate the much longer "seek time" needed for a spinning CD.

Regarding images that won't display at all, CD isn't a reliable long-term storage media and files can become corrupted over time. Copy what is still readable to an external memory stick or storage drive and don't bother re-burning anything.

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