Here we go again Isan Girl

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Here we go again Isan Girl

Post by imgettingscammedlol » February 10, 2016, 12:16 am


First sorry, its a long post :D
Second sorry for the poor english, i'm not a native english speaker.
Thanks for reading :)

Well i try to seek the truth as my guts, my brain and my heart can't agree to each others.
I wont lie to you or myself, yea she's a freelancer. Even if i met her out of a bar or club, i know what a pretty girl from Isan is doing in Patong. I'm not a rookie, i've stayed now 6 months in one year in Phuket but i never dated a thai girl before her. So here the story.

I met the girl during my last trip to Phuket like 3 days after arriving to Phuket, i was not staying in Patong, i was near Phuket Town. But yea its kinda obvious a lonely guy without girlfriend will end up in Patong quite fast. So i was looking for some food and i kinda like Isan food, spicy and tasty. So i end up eating isan food and there she was with her friends. They found it funny that a farang can eat Isan food so we started to talk. And from this day till my last day of hollydays she was with me.

First we just stayed togheter, chill, no clubs ( i hate clubs and i dont drink ), eat alot of food but not expensive food, street food mostly. She never asked for anything expensive. At the start she was like a dog honnestly. Not argueing, no nothing, it was boring at one point. Then she started to be herself and started to fight with me for everything and sometime for absolutely nothing. She wanted me to look handsome all the time, she forced me buy new clothes and only for me she doesnt want to get new things ! Sometime, when i was busy training muay thai, i was dropping her to her room for the 3-4 hours i was busy. During this time she was calling me, asking for video call to see if i was with another lady or not haha.

After 3 weeks, she woke me up during the night, and she asked me " Do you want to go my home ? ", i was half asleep and i said like " Yes ok, we check that tomorrow ". I DID NOT UNDERSTOOD WHAT SHE WAS ASKING FOR LOL \:D/

So the day after she was babbling with her mom at phone all the morning. And she was like super exited about going to see her family with me. At this point i just realised wtf was going on. She was introducing me to her parents like her freacking Farang Boyfriend :shock: . Then she started to present me to all her friend as her boyfriend. She started to call me her husband. Ah yea i forgot to say, when i met her i asked if she wanted a farang husband because one of her friend was like super sad because her farang boyfriend cheated her with another girl the day after. She told me no, all she want is to have her farm, take care of chicken and small fishes and sell food, take care her mama and blablabla Pocahontas style.
So i was like a little bit " WTF " about this 360 drift but i had nothing to lose, i can withdraw of the game when i want. Not my city not my life not my country, so who care. A little trip in Isan ? Hell yea, i've never been there. And she's from far far like near the Mekhong, laos is at 20 minutes from her home. So yea i'm up to see a lil bit of country and also by the same occasion get engaged hahaha.

So as i'm a lazy mofo, i book airplanes and not bus, and 3 days later we are in Isan. I was not ready. I WAS NOT READY.
I mean, all my life, i lived in a facking 5 stars hotel. I felt like i was back in the middle age. Her family doesnt live in a house, this is more like a hangar without walls. I mean the shelter i had when i was kid in the backyard was more looking like a house than her house ! I felt realy sad. And she was so happy to show me that they had it because she worked to build it. Then i understood that every stone, every ****** piece of metal was made from the money she got by selling herself. I had to keep strong to do not show my tears, and the family, her lil cousins, and others didnt help.
Yea thats the reality behind those good looking girls, running in mini shorts and sexy dress everywhere, they come from nowhere, from the middle age. I spent 5 days with her family. They did some strange good luck ritual by putting money around my wrist haha. It was hard to remain serious, i realy felt like they were seeing me like an ATM. After that she told me " The kids want to take you for a walk around " hahahaa \:D/ OK i said to myself, they want to show their trophy to the neighborhood. Lets go for a walk :D .

Seeing how poor they are, i was kinda generous. As they dont have a car, they have to take the bus, or Motorbike to get food. I rent a car so i can drive them, we did some big shopping for food. It was christmas for them. I could see that, she started to appreciate me for real during those days with her family. I think that those girls, they love anyone who help them and their family. There is something strange, like if she was living trough her family eyes. She realy started to be a pain also haha. All the time fighting, then when i was like ok ok i dont care do what you want go crazy i'm out, she was coming back like a little kid begging my pardon. And yea, i felt in love with her after all that.

Then the red flags started ! :pirate:

Before we leave, a dude came at her house. This dude build portals, walls and others stuff. Then i understood that they were expecting me to give money to the girl haha. So i said clearly : NO WAY, i dont know you i wont give you money like this. Spending money while i'm with her is one thing paying for walls that's something else lol ! She said ok ok i understand.

Then back to Phuket. we stayed 2 more weeks together. Everything ok, some fights about stupids things but nothing special. I asked her to delete every farang on her facebook as .... you know. She did. She deleted everything in front of me, she gave me access to her facebook. Anyway i dont understand a word, and cant translate as she speaks lao thai all day long. But nothing suspect of her social network, no dating website. Well i'm quite good with a computer to monitor people life so i'm sure about what i know but the problem is that she speak a language impossible to translate, and use a different alphabet, it make the monitoring way more difficult. I just found a couple of picture of her with others guys, from few months ago in a discussion with one of her friend.

I got myself caught into this boyfriend / girlfriend story without noticing it. I thought i was in but out but no no i was totaly in haha. She started to speak about baby, i was like no no no not now. And weeding " Yea yea, we will see in one year or 2 ". Then as i was about to leave in 1 week, i started to feel bad to leave her behind because yes, after 5 weeks and all that, i have feelings for her. I was picturing myself her going to work in clubs and no i couldnt let it happen. So i asked her if she want to stay in phuket or go back to her home. She asked me to that " What do you want ? ".
So of course i told her that i dont want her to stay in Phuket, and that if she is ok to go back to her home till we figure out how we can do. I was aware that it she was going back home, i will have to be her sponsor. So....

I broke her phone on purpose :D. I bought her a new one and installed GPS tracker, key loggers to monitor her. So i know everything on her phone. I know that one farang guy was talking to her all the time saying that she will miss him but she blocked him on FB and Line, saying that she has a BF now and that she cannot speak with him anymore...Good point i will say.

Then second red flag. :pirate:

She started to cry one evening. Saying that her life in her home was hard especially because of her mom, her mom do not like her and just use her for money. That she does not even have a bedroom for her ( this is true, she has no room in her house ) and she has to sleep near the toilets. But she has to take care of her family, then she started to curse in thai, then cryed more, then saying that she was sorry but she canot go to her home, she's ok to go with her sister in Bangkok but not her home ( her sister is realy in bangkok we visted her on our trip to isan ). She was crying alot so i said " ok ok we will see fore bangkok " so she can sleep. But i said to myself that if she go bangkok, she will never see me again. The day after we had a fight about that, because i told her that there was no way she stay in bkk, if that she want to go bkk she can stay phuket and go back to night club. Big fight after that haha. She stayed in my room all day, not even go out to eat, just watching tv and looking away when i was talking to her. Then in the evening she said she will stay in her home and wait for me.

So i booked ticket for her, and my last day in thailand i dropped her at the aiport, i gave her 15 000 THB so she has money. I've seen her bank record, she's broke. She was cold, not speaking. But she's kinda like that she dont show her feelings easily, she stay very cold in public. We just hugh to say goodbye, very quickly and i said to her " Take care ", she said nothing. She walked away...And thats it. At this point i knew i love her. **** me haha :). I went out of the aiport and shouted a big " RHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA "
I was so pissed, i never felt in love before. First time and it looks like the worst case scenario ever to fall in love. I mean, thai prostitute living at 10 000km from me. \:D/ WTF. Yes she is a young very cute girl, she is 23 but she still a prostitute. it still hard to deal with that fact, i just try to do not think about it.

Now she is at her home, she video call me every of her morning and every evening when she go sleep. When i go sleep she wake up, i'm in europe. We do it multiple time a day. Hers days look all the same. She cook, she take care of her sister daughter, she go pick her at the school near the village. I sent her again 15 000 THB for her second month. She do not ask for more. She say she can pay her motorbike with it ( ive seen the MTBK its a Honda M5X it cost 100 000 bhats, she still have around 40 000 bhats to pay ), keep some money in case off and buy i dont know what for their house. I see her FB, her phone, i know she stay in her village, i know when she go out, anyway she video call me when she go out.

Honnestly 15k bhats is not alot of money for me so i dont care. I can spend that during few months to avoid her to go work again in Patong the time i see if she's reliable or not. I plan to pay her a surprise visit to her home then depending of the surprise visit ask her if she wants to come to my country. I saved the itinerary from the airport to her home in my phone hehe, so i can find her whenever i want.

I asked her what life she wants. She told me she's ok to come to my country but she want to stay thailand too, she wants her little farm with kitchen and fish, so she can sell her food and blablabla. But she want that i stay live with her in Thailand. I told her that i would like but i canot work from thailand. Actualy, i could live in thailand but not that quick, i need a lil bit of time.

So what do you think ? I've read so many bad stories .... I'm not scared about the money because what ? If she played me i lost 30k bhats, i can survive that. But i realy like her. I'm 29, she's almost 24, this is quite possible. I'm a muay thai fighter ( even if its only for fun ) , but it means i'm in shape. But who care, money is our god. And especialy the god of those poor girls i think.

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Here we go again Isan Girl

Post by monkeyman » February 10, 2016, 6:56 am

Wow that was a long read for 1st thing in the morning! :shock: I was waiting for your bad experience to pop out but nothing out of the ordinary here ,,, there's some good people in Isaan and not all family's are out to rip you off ' good bar girls and bad ones just the same... sounds like your having a good time that is what matters most :D

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Here we go again Isan Girl

Post by socksy » February 10, 2016, 7:22 am

Read 'Private Dancer' and GTF out of it.
Here's tae us, wha's like us, damn few, and they're a' deid. Mair's the pity!
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Here we go again Isan Girl

Post by ting_tong » February 10, 2016, 8:26 am

socksy wrote:Read 'Private Dancer' and GTF out of it.
thats the first thing I thought of, but he is living the private dancer story :shock:
its not the farang boyfriends he has to worry about, its "him brother me" the thai boyfriends, many of them and all ---- for free! yes free!

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Here we go again Isan Girl

Post by FrazeeDK » February 10, 2016, 10:44 am

well, you've got the phone tapped for GPS and key logging so you'll know if the heads back down to work in Phuket and if she starts digging up old farang boyfriends.. Honda M5K??? 100,000 baht M/C?? Is that a 500 "big bike" and if so, you don't often see village girls roaring around on one of them.. That's a guys bike..

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Here we go again Isan Girl

Post by skinner » February 10, 2016, 11:37 am

Ask yourself this question.
Would you get involved with a prostitute in your home country ?

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Here we go again Isan Girl

Post by samuel » February 10, 2016, 11:52 am

imgettingscammedlol wrote:So what do you think?
i think this is an all in all typical story.
nothing special - just ordinary stuff.

even if it is hard - wake up!
you're 29 and thinking of living in thailand.
ok - what would you work for a living?
farangs are usually not allowed to work, apart from some exceptions.

freelancer vs professional hooker - what does it matter?
you think you can save her from poverty?
dream on!

you think 15'000 THB per month is enough for a living?
a fool you are!

you consider yourself as generous - and on the other hand running gps control tools?
shame on you!

i tell you what - you have no idea where you'll end up with your so called love story.
wake up buddy!
a tough punch on your nose at your next muay thai fight might help you to see it clearer.....

good luck.

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Here we go again Isan Girl

Post by ting_tong » February 10, 2016, 12:34 pm

FrazeeDK wrote:well, you've got the phone tapped for GPS and key logging so you'll know if the heads back down to work in Phuket and if she starts digging up old farang boyfriends.. Honda M5K??? 100,000 baht M/C?? Is that a 500 "big bike" and if so, you don't often see village girls roaring around on one of them.. That's a guys bike..
he means MSX, a stupid piece of crap "mini bike" that all the thais have to have, its a 125cc honda wave engine on a stupid piece of junk.
70K from the dealer and 90K if on finance

the people that own them think they are the baddest, an old yamaha beller 80cc will beat it in a race (it has been done)

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Here we go again Isan Girl

Post by GT93 » February 10, 2016, 2:45 pm

I didn't read much of your post mate but if you're 29 and in good shape you should choose a good Thai girl. Unless you live in the countryside in farangland there are usually lots of Thai girls in farangland who want a young bloke. But be careful who you choose. Never choose a young sex worker.

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Here we go again Isan Girl

Post by tudorandpim » February 10, 2016, 6:51 pm

A well worn theme. Plot inspired by Private Dancer. Written in the style of a Stickman contributor. Even the title. The phone tracking and so on.
No disrespect intended, but my natural scepticism kicks in and I begin to wonder - biography, plagiarism, motivation?

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Here we go again Isan Girl

Post by DRILLER » February 11, 2016, 7:07 pm

how about some pics dude (hot ones preferably)
temptation is a ****

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Here we go again Isan Girl

Post by noosard » February 12, 2016, 8:00 am

Never choose a young *** worker.

Pick an old seex worker
More experience

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Here we go again Isan Girl

Post by mathusalah80 » February 13, 2016, 2:51 pm

tudorandpim wrote:A well worn theme. Plot inspired by Private Dancer. Written in the style of a Stickman contributor. Even the title. The phone tracking and so on.
No disrespect intended, but my natural scepticism kicks in and I begin to wonder - biography, plagiarism, motivation?
Tongue in cheek :-$
Spot on =D> .Even the title he has allocated to the thread, in line with his sense of humour, has a double meaning ;) No matter the many guises he has adopted over the years, his writing style, his demonstrated extensive knowledge of 'vernacular' English and high standard of punctuation, when his concentration lapses & he slips out of character, invariably betray him. Years ago, some of his Fairy Stories,( not to mention the well intended responses of some of the forever naïve members he 'hooked'), were at least original, and quite entertaining. :lol: Sadly, after reading this latest overly complex, boring, unimaginative, and stereotypical figment of his imagination,, I think he would be well advised to retire once again, and leave Thailand related fiction tales in the capable hands of Stephen Leather :( =;
\:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

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