Solar/Wind energy for the future. Forget it

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Re: Solar/Wind energy for the future. Forget it

Post by rick » November 21, 2020, 1:29 pm

As to solar thermal power stations (i.e. using parabolic mirrors) the biggest is in Morocco, and most of the rest are in Spain. Australia only ever had the Port Augusta project, which was cancelled. Their may have been experimental projects, but no commercial ones.
Quite a few of these plants have been decommissioned, and a few converted to PV stations. I think the issues are that the technology is expensive, requires large land areas (small plants just cannot produce enough heat) and keeping the mirrors clean a large expense. PV is easy and low maintenance.

Cheaper, low maintenance technologies tend to be more successful. Wikipedia has a few pages on solar thermal power stations.

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Re: Solar/Wind energy for the future. Forget it

Post by tamada » December 11, 2020, 8:22 am

While the world gets prematurely hand-clappy over zero carbon emissions, there's still some unanswered questions on if and when renewables can truly take the strain. The electric car seems to have been given a huge boost despite the travails of the pandemic and, when they're not self-immolating, Musk's recyclable rocket ships to Mars has the Millennials and Gen Z'ers all wet in the fork. Meanwhile, I haven't seen much of any news about electric aeroplanes. I've seen a solar one that carries two people and takes the same time to get around as a DC-3 did.

Here's something to ponder over your morning coffee, Chang or flaxseed smoothie. It's a bit long so make sure you have another whole grain croissant toasted and ready. What we need are those in government that are currently appear in the thrall of all things Green and appear blinkered to this (or more likely playing it for all that it's worth) to take note and make the concessions needed to allow oil and gas exploration to continue such they have adequate supply and there is some security. By all means make renewables your Plan A but don't forget that they already have a tried and tested Plan B. ... ccelerates

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