Bank Holidays in Thailand for 2020

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Bank Holidays in Thailand for 2020

Post by JimboPSM » February 18, 2020, 12:21 pm

List of the official Financial Institutions’ Holidays in Thailand for 2020 (B.E. 2563) from the Bank of Thailand

2020 Bank Holidays:
  • 1. Wednesday 1st January - New Year’s Day
    2. Monday 10th February - Substitution for Makha Bucha Day (Sat 8th February)
    3. Monday 6th April - Chakri Memorial Day
    4. Monday 13th April - Songkran Festival
    5. Tuesday 14th April - Songkran Festival
    6. Wednesday 15th April - Songkran Festival
    7. Friday 1st May - National Labour Day
    8. Monday 4th May - Coronation Day
    9. Wednesday 6th May - Wisakha Bucha Day
    10. Wednesday 3rd June - H.M.Q.- Royal Birthday
    11. Monday 6th July - Substitution for Asarnha Bucha Day (Sun 5th July)
    12. Tuesday 28th July - H.M.K. – Royal Birthday
    13. Wednesday 12th August - H.M.Q. Royal Birthday / Mother’s Day
    14. Tuesday 13th October - H.M.K. Memorial Day
    15. Friday 23rd October - Chulalongkorn Day
    16. Monday 7th December - Substitution for Royal Birthday / National Day / Father’s Day (Sat 5th December)
    17. Thursday 10th December - Constitution Day
    18. Thursday 31st December - New Year’s Eve

    BoT link: ... /2020.aspx
Possibility of ATM shortages

Please note that when a holiday occurs on a Monday or Friday (as many do) there is an increased possibility of ATM machines running dry due to it being (as a minimum) a three day weekend.

The possibility of shortages is greatest during Songkran when, including the weekend, banks will be closed for five days (banks close on Friday 10th April and re-open on Thursday 16th April).

The start of May could well be problematical with the National Labour Day (Friday 1st May) and Coronation Day (Monday 4th May) bookending the weekend (banks close on Thursday 30th April and re-open on Tuesday 5th May...... only then to be closed again the very next day for Wisakha Bucha Day (Wednesday 6th May).

Travel impact

For those planning travel on or around the above Bank Holiday dates (especially Songkran) it is advisable to book flights and rooms well in advance to ensure that they are available and (hopefully) at a reasonable price.


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