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land and house

Post by rugdon » June 29, 2007, 9:10 pm

how much could i expect to pay for about 2 acres of land and then build a 3-4 bedroom house,in small village big c side of town udonthani {stg or bht}returning oct-nov to see girlfriend so any advice regarding costs appreciated


Post by laphanphon » June 30, 2007, 7:53 am

two.....................................................too much, may i strongely suggest you rent, for a year or so in any area that you are considering living, to see if it is for you, especially if you are going to spend that much of an investment. also, don't know anything about your relationship, but using mine as a judge, they don't last long, you may want to see how that also goes, before making a large financial investment.

3-4 bedroom house, i guess would start near the 3 million baht range, for quality work, and that's a big piece of land you want to put it on, 2 acres is about 5 rai, and near the ring road can be a bit expensive, expecially in the inside of ring road.

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Post by Sirkusartist » July 11, 2007, 12:12 am

Byuing that kind of size land near the city will cost you a lot. If you are ok about driving for 10 mins to go to Big C then you might get ok land for about 300K Baht per Rai (which is 40x40 metres).

I am looking into buying land to build a house myself and there are some things you should be aware of:

- Rice field land is very cheap but need a lot of sand filling which you have to do before the rain season for it to settle. Also you have to think about the availability of el.power and water which will cost you if it's not already there.
- Possibility of telephone and internet (it's not common here quite yet)
- To make a road connection to your house will cost you A LOT also if you don't make the deal BEFORE you buy the land (you'll have to buy land for the road, and if they know you need it, you'll bleed)
- Location is relatively extremely expensive in Thailand, so if you can stay a little bit outside the city you will save money, just make sure it's an area where there are telephone lines already(a friend bought cheap land a little bit outside and they're talking about 140K just to make a phone line and internet)
-Typically, good land with access to road/electricity/water/phone just a little outside should cost not more than 300K for 1 Rai (with a good view ;) )

- The price of the house will depend on the standard you want offcourse, a one-floor thai-standard house with three bedrooms costs about 500K Baht to put up. Then you have concrete and tiles, no kitchen (backside thai style), also simple bathrooms, and an el.system that needs modyfying for farang style living. It all depends on the quality you want but in my opinion a good house with 3-4 bedrooms will cost between 1 and 1,5 million Baht.

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Cost Creep...

Post by FrazeeDK » July 11, 2007, 9:39 pm

Land on the east side of Udon about 3-4 km outside the ring road is climbing in price.. Where my TW got our land for just a tad over 200,00 per rai in 2002 (per the land office about average back then), it now in some close-by areas to us is purportedly going for 800,000 a rai..
Best bet if you're merely checking around is to have your Thai other half check with the Pu-yai Ban (village chief) on available land in their village area of responsibility. They usually know who owns the land, who is interested in selling and how to locate the owner even if they don't live in Udon. The Village chief will also know what areas have power, Cable TV, Internet, city water or village water and what infrastructure improvements are coming down the pipe from the city that might bump up prices in the near future. Once you nail down several area and get a feel for land prices you could have your Thai other half go to the land office and ask what the per-rai cost of land is in that area. The land office knows precisely what the prices are per land documents and per what they assess the land.

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