Lego Blocks

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Lego Blocks

Post by Mobaan » October 4, 2005, 6:05 pm

I am supporting a kindergarten/Pre School near my home in Nong Wua So . For 95 -plus -kids (age 2-5 years) there is literally a hand full of lego blocke to play with . It is very sad .
Before I lug a ton of that stuff with me from the US --can anybody please tell me if legos are available in Udon ,where to buy them and what they will cost . For the little ones we need the big sized blocks ,not the tiny small things.
While we are on that subject . I plan a funday for the kids in December. Activities ,balloons ,facepainting etc , maybe I can hire one of the elefants that roam the streets of Udon at nigth as well.. Does anyone out there have a heart for small disadvantaged kids ? Why dont you join me in this effort ? Contact me , I will send you more details.

BTW is the facepaint/fingerpaint available in Udon as well ?


Post by valentine » October 4, 2005, 7:56 pm

Hi Mobaan, Lego kits are available in Robinsons and were last Xmas in Makro.Really don't recommend the elephant idea, these are not completely domesticated animals and can revert in an instant. In fact 2 years ago one killed a young British girl in Pattaya.
I am not sure of my itinerary in December but I live in Amphoe Non Wor Sor and if I am available I will contact you, as I would love to help.

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