Nong Samrong Ringroad Roadworks

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Nong Samrong Ringroad Roadworks

Post by Barney » January 21, 2017, 10:03 am

Road works at Nong Samrong road and the ringroad have been under way for sometime now, I think since about the start of December approx. Many of you will not have seen this or been affected but the local community are slowly getting a little agitated.
This is or was a very busy intersection especially in the morning school period and same in the afternoon. It is our main route to get to town.
I have quietly been observing the lack of intensity for the road works from day one, always anticipating that things would speed up after the new year and 7 days of pain. With only small teams operating and starting after 8am and finished by maybe 4pm. Lack of road work machinery etc etc etc. All the normal we see in Thailand.
Why are they not working 24/7 to complete is the question?
Well nothing has changed at this point in time and this work has no chance of being complete by songkran at the snail pace now in place.
The chaos to local traffic is a problem with no real traffic control, just send vehicles to the local death trap Uturn up near Tescos.

Over a red wine last night my girl told me a small number of local people and businesses are starting to get very unhappy and just see the workers hanging around collecting their 300bht a day. Talk of the contractor just collecting the money.
Cynical comments for the Thais.
None of this is a revelation to most of you but this is a major intersection upgrade for UT and does not bear well for the future when, what will be a debacle, when the even bigger road works of the new overpass and upgrade happens at the Nong Khai/Ringroad commences.
Just an observation from me.

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Re: Nong Samrong Ringroad Roadworks

Post by stattointhailand » January 21, 2017, 10:52 am

It's the other "U" turn that I see the problems Barney ......... loads of cars in the filter lane to do a "U" or to turn right at the traffic lights, and plonkers making another line in the Overtaking lane, and then doing a "U" turn round the outside, and forcing the poor bugger in the correct right turn lane to slam his anchors on or crash [-X

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Re: Nong Samrong Ringroad Roadworks

Post by DuiDui49 » January 21, 2017, 11:29 am

God morning folks..!!

Well i have to agree,as you might know my wife has the Nok Restaurant opposite the Nongsanrong road Golf course..Well she use to buy rice from a local vendor near the Temple at NSRR,well when i asked them how their business was going,she replyed very honestly...not good since they started the Ringroad work..lost alot of customers..

I've been twice to talk with the new Tesaban chef,the one that replaced the one that i've heard beeing caught corrupt,he listen to my complaints...dirty NSRR road,NSRR turning into a dragracestip,people selling their meat/pork whithout even covering up what they sell..and as you might know,NSRR is a quite busy road..Well he listened to my complanits..that's one is intrested in doing any "real"work,just sitting and collecting their salarys i the newly built Tesaban house near Lake View..30million of i guess Tax money..and i might ad that they couldn't get the roof's raining in thrue the roof...go figure...TiT.

Have a good day all,hope you come and try my wifes cooking out at Nok Restaurant.. ;) :D
Best regards
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Re: Nong Samrong Ringroad Roadworks

Post by parrot » January 21, 2017, 2:53 pm

Barney, most road projects these days come with a sign at each end of the beginning of the project, announcing what's going on, what company won the bid, along with start and finish dates. The signs are usually in blue. Signs for the ongoing project along the Udon-Nongbualamphu Hwy show a per-day-penalty if the contractor is late. Not sure if there are similar signs in NSR, but if so, take a photo and I'll translate it for the readers.

The impending project to put in an under/overpass on the Nongkai Hwy at the ring road (old Lotus) will undoubtedly have an impact on traffic in NSR.....when the project gets underway. I'll guess that project will take over a year to complete.

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Re: Nong Samrong Ringroad Roadworks

Post by Hunter58 » January 21, 2017, 3:20 pm

In addition to the current work on the ring road junction they are also now carrying out the new drainage works from the Nong Khai junction back towards the golf club.
Seeing the mess this is making I dread to imagine how bad it will be when they continue this work through the village itself.
Businesses such as Nok's , Tescos and the market will have a major challenge.

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Re: Nong Samrong Ringroad Roadworks

Post by Barney » January 26, 2017, 10:32 pm

Agreed Hunter, they have even dug up the road going past the golf course entrance. Naturally no real traffic control on that small entrance.
2 section and a whole lane of Nong Samrong road now blocked with huge reinforced steel being built for something to be buried. With the "no light, going the wrong way bikes" prevalent on that section an absolute disaster about to happen on the main road into the market area.

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Re: Nong Samrong Ringroad Roadworks

Post by kakariki » January 27, 2017, 4:19 am

Our house is down there near the army and I can't how they can expect to include this road as part of the the ring road. In the afternoons it's a bottle neck at the market opposite 7/11, more cars and trucks will be a disaster.
I also have breakfast early in the mornings opposite Nok's and see all the students riding push bikes and scooters to school and wonder now how they don't get cleaned up by speeding cars there and at the intersection. More traffic through here in it's current configuration will be a real safety issue.

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