Very good treatment of fibroma at ASOKE Skin Clinic, Udon Thani

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Very good treatment of fibroma at ASOKE Skin Clinic, Udon Thani

Post by Klaussi » October 20, 2023, 1:15 pm

My wife, 64, had been struggling with harmless but itchy fibromas on her neck, see fotos below, and under her armpits for a long time. Yesterday, based on a recommendation, we went to ASOKE SKIN CLINIC, right opposite the main entrance of CENTRAL PLAZA MALL, Udon Thani. Dr. Seesak Thepseree, MD. We entered a state-of-the-art clinic, spaciously designed, very attractive waiting area, efficient air conditioning, extremely clean and with English-speaking receptionists/nurses. After only 10 minutes of waiting we were able to speak to Dr. Seesak Thepseree, MD talks about the usefulness and methods for removing the many, some of them the size of a pinhead. Dr. Seesak Thepseree recommended laser treatment, which is also uncritical for diabetics. We agreed, the treatment took place another 10 minutes later and lasted 10 minutes. My wife only felt a slight burning sensation on the relevant areas of her skin, similar to an injection. We had the choice of paying cashlessly with a credit card or with cash. The total cost of the treatment was only THB 3,000, which includes aftercare creams and tablets. We had offers from other skin clinics in the range of 8,000 to 12,000 THB. Dr. Seesak Thepseree did a good job and we are happy to recommend him.

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