Building Here vs Building There

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Building Here vs Building There

Post by parrot » August 20, 2014, 12:25 pm

It, at remind myself of the myriad reasons I enjoy living here. Sometimes simple building an outdoor shower in the US can be caught up in a mass of red-tape....plumbers, building codes, permits........whereas here, life is much more simple. Yes, you still want a good plumber, yes, you may have to comply with some city restrictions......but, in the end, I'd guess you could build the same thing here for a fraction of what it'd cost in the US. For one, I wouldn't use wood.....but rather the thicker Sherma boards that are impervious to termites, rot, etc. Second, rather than toil and sweat yourself, you could have someone do the work for you while you sip a cool one in the shade and wait for your first shower.
Or, better yet, slap a piece of pvc together to your outdoor plumbing, add a faucet and shower head.......and add a few hedges for privacy (or not) if you live in the jungle.
Reason #1745 why living in Thailand is good. ... hower.html

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