Thai Basil Seed Drink (Nam Manglak)

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Thai Basil Seed Drink (Nam Manglak)

Post by Shado » February 13, 2015, 10:48 am

Every so often my wife comes up with something I've never seen or tried before. This week it was น้ำแมงลัก (Nam Manglak). She bought Thai basil seeds, soaked them in water and then added a bit of sugar and ice. Honey, lemon, rose water or other flavorings are sometimes used. They can also be added to fruit drinks, soda, soy milk or what ever you like. A versatile and refreshing ingredient.

After cleaning and soaking, the tiny black seeds swell and develop a gelatinous coating that has the consistency and appearance of frog eggs. Honestly, they look just like frog eggs. There are commercial drinks you can buy that have the Thai basil seed. I'm sure this drink is quite common to a lot of folks but it was my first experience with it and I found it to be unusual (and tasty) to say the least. ... -mang.html

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Re: Thai Basil Seed Drink (Nam Manglak)

Post by mac1966 » February 13, 2015, 11:41 am

Nice with yogurt. But need to drain any water first.

One benefit is that it keeps you regular

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