Now is the time to get repair/ service jobs done.

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Now is the time to get repair/ service jobs done.

Post by felixcat » September 13, 2017, 8:18 pm

Now is the time to get repair/ service jobs done.
Why? because as most are trying to buy a new car, upgrade their "dumb down" phone, buy "name brand" fakes or anything that they think will give them better "selfies", the service sector is suffering. Many shops have no work, you can get in and get many major jobs done "while you wait". But, try to get a thai to take your car in, or they will charge you big bucks.
Since i noticed this, I took in my pick-up and had he gas tank removed, because he is a friend, he charged me 100 tb. I only like to use the LPG, cleaner, better running, cheaper,ect. He did it in 30 mins, and also did some minor work.
Had my muffler changed, took it in, no business, out in 30 mins. Not a simple job, as my PU is a 1997 Mazda which we love. Good price.
I am telling you this because I watched all this happen in the Us around the 2008 times. Its the same thing happening here and many other countries.
I bought a 750 Honda Shadow, full of crome with less than 5,000 miles, for $2,999 on EBAY Auction. There was so many bikes, I think I got the best one, and the seller, who was in Germany at the time, had his friends, deliver the bike to my condo on the beach, over 400 miles away, for $250.00.
See my pics.
If you have money, its time to scoop, or prepare to scoop up bargains, as this economy is crashing. The banks are ready to take everything , as the paper money they prints has nothing to back it. It's just paper.
750 Shadow 001.jpg
750 Shadow 007.jpg

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