Beautiful furnished home 2,900,000 Thana home estate

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Beautiful furnished home 2,900,000 Thana home estate

Post by corburl » November 24, 2017, 10:00 am

Beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath on 114 wah , 456 sq meters lot . Located in Thana Home Estates . Which is absolutely the best village in this price range because of location , 15 minutes to Ud town , 5 minutes to big C and Tesco lotus , 1 kilometer from ring road on excellent paved roads all the way to the home . Quiet atmosphere, no noise from factories , traffic , karaoke etc etc , dead quiet village with nice people who respect each other and take excellent care of their homes . Located in the village on a premium lot , with excellent neighbors and a rice field behind the house for as far as you can see.
Home is offered with many extras . Below is a list of items included in the sale price , along with the approximate price paid .

Outside the home
Garden which includes 4 very large planted trees . Many assorted trees and hedges all around . 100,000 + baht
Privacy fence all around . 50,000 baht
2 , 1000 liter water tanks . 20,000 baht
19kg Panasonic washer with inverter 17.000 baht
3 windows in back of home with designer security bars 16000
Car park . 100,000 baht
Patio and awning in back 50.000 baht
Premium paint outside house , and wall and privacy fence 30,000 baht

Inside the home
The entire attic ceiling is covered in premium insulation, double insulation over the bedrooms. This home stays cool . And electric bills very low .
42,000 baht
2 premium air conditioners strategically located at extra expense in the living room .
88,000 baht total for both
2 bedroom air conditioners 26,000 baht for both
Curtains all windows and blinds in some , special dark no light curtain in master bedroom. 23,000 baht total
Installed premium extra large double sink in kitchen 8,000baht
Premium Teka gas burner with tank 8,000baht
Extra large Panasonic refrigerator with inverter and bottom freezer 20,000 baht
Premium wood kitchen cabinets 20,000 baht
Beautiful stained glass kitchen door with premium door handle and deadbolt
9,000 baht
Modern glass 6 person dining table 18,000 baht
Large leather sofa with ottoman 31,000 baht
Wood coffee table 5,000 baht
Large paintings and large indoor plants and large vases 16,000 baht
Large office desk with very large premium leather office chair 13,000 baht
Cheap large wood dresser 1,600 baht
Beautiful wood bedroom furniture that is on sale now at global house 70,000 baht
Lotus Nina individual size mattress , 2 years old and in excellent condition and on sale now at Robinson's for 60,000 baht . Best mattress ever !
New premium high profile toilet with elongated seat 8,000 baht
2 Premium Joven hot water heaters in showers 10,000 baht total
Premium paint inside 20,000 baht

Over 850,000 baht in extras not included with basic standard home
Basic standard home on this size lot is more than 3,000,000 baht . And comes bare bones , no car park , no back patio or awning . And a nothing kitchen . And obviously nothing inside or outside.
However there are no longer any lots available for sale on the outside perimeter .
This is one of , if not "the " best lot in the village . Its dead quiet , nobody drives by the house because its located in the back . And I have the best neighbors in the world all around . And a rice field behind the home . Its perfect , beautiful , and excellent value for the money . Priced for sale at 2,900,000 baht .
Contact Dr David Hansen
Email ,
Skype , david.hansen50
Phone , 0885619854
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Re: Beautiful furnished home 2,950,000 Thana home estate

Post by corburl » November 24, 2017, 10:03 am

Additional photos

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Re: Beautiful furnished home 2,900,000 Thana home estate

Post by corburl » January 13, 2018, 3:27 pm

Price reduction to 2,900,000 baht

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