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The Red Cross NWS branch.

Post by trubrit » March 14, 2018, 8:21 am

I often post about the fund raising activities we all get up to on behalf of our local Red Cross so I thought just for a change I would show where some of that money and a lot of effort goes .
This destitute family was brought to our attention by the village headman of their mountain village after the recent birth of their latest child .They are all living in a make do shelter, can't really call it a house, getting by as best they could but never asking or expecting assistance from any one .When we heard of their plight we went to see them to see whether they could be helped, I'm glad to say with the combined financial assistance of the local Amphoe and Red Cross funds we are going to build them a , be it modest, a small proper constructed house and have arranged for an expert on self sufficient agriculture to teach them how to produce crops to eat and hopefully able to sell the surplus at market .
.rede dx fam.jpg
The family .

.red x2.jpg
How they lived .We brought the water .
.red x.jpg
I would just add they have given their permission for me to detail this .
Now that's not the the only example of how the Red Cross work locally .Just last week the team attended a rather distressing incident where a house was burnt down, being of wooden construction it was totally destroyed .In this incident they were able to provide the materials for the occupants to rebuild a home , but owing to the obvious distress of all involved I won't publish further details or photos .
Just two recent examples of how the money from the fund raising Mango Fair and other events, all contributed by the general public is used to benefit other not so fortunate , in the area .
Maybe I should just explain, I use the pronoun "we" above but I am not actually a member of the Red Cross but as my wife is Gen Sec of the Non Wau So branch, I cannot but help get involved in the work she does , and are pleased to do so .
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Brian Davis
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Re: Non Wau Sor News

Post by Brian Davis » March 14, 2018, 8:40 am

Heartwarming stories there, Trubrit. Good to see honest money put to good use.

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Re: Non Wau Sor News

Post by Mosquito » March 14, 2018, 9:42 am

Nice to see, especially after all the recent corruption news.

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Re: Non Wau Sor News

Post by Nigglyb » March 14, 2018, 4:03 pm

Nice story =P~
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