Land -(1 Rai) -FULL Chanote-Good for building a house-inside city ((Pong Hai/Seka/Bueng Kan)

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Land -(1 Rai) -FULL Chanote-Good for building a house-inside city ((Pong Hai/Seka/Bueng Kan)

Post by how241 » June 7, 2018, 5:27 pm

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One (1) Rai of land for sale with FULL Freehold Title Deed (Red Bird-Chanote Or Nor Sor 4)... This is the highest and strongest type of land ownership deed...This One (1) Rai of land is located inside the city (Pong Hai) in the Bueng Kan Province(Bung Kan). The district name is: 'Seka'... The city name is: Pong Hai...It is located near Route # 222 ... This land is right on the paved road.... 350 truckloads of dirt has been added to raise up the land so it is ready for building on ....The dirt cost 110,000 baht....There are many new houses being built every month... There are over 16,000 people living in that immediate area and around 2,300 houses. Also the police office and hospital are right there too-very close by...There are many small restaurants and a internet shop, gas station, etc. all in a 1-3 minutes drive...A large new market just opened very close (100 meters) away from house land....
Will consider a TRADE for equal value - TRADE ( car/truck/boat/condo/house).. The Price is 575,000 baht... It might be possible to arrange for the buyer to give a down payment and to make payments for several years... The land can be cut into 2-3 parts if a buyer wants a smaller piece to build a house on with a smaller price too...I can give more info in Thai or English. Thank
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Re: Land -(1 Rai) -FULL Chanote-Good for building a house-inside city ((Pong Hai/Seka/Bueng Kan)

Post by Nevoil » June 9, 2018, 9:06 pm

Thats Cheap !!!

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