Baht What up with Dat?????

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Re: Baht What up with Dat?????

Post by pipoz4444 » July 27, 2018, 5:41 pm

747man wrote:
July 27, 2018, 11:12 am
Couldn't give two hoots about the GBP exchange rate......Stuff You're US$ As well,I Only ever use it when I'm Going over the bridge....
Hi 747man

Despite what the US and other World Media try to portray, the US Economy is on a role, not quite on fire yet but will be soon, possibly by the end of this tear.

Company and Manufacturing sectors confidence is at a high, unemployment rates are low across all demographics & participation rates are up, labor shortages are starting to show up which indicates that wages should eventually rise (be it slowly), interest rates are slowly being increased by the FED (which is very important) and some people have more money in their pocket each week to spend for a variety of reasons. Not many economies have all their key economic indicators pointing in the right direction at the same time.

So the end or likely result is, that the Dollar Index will continue to rise from 94.8 back towards 100. I am not saying it will reach or go above 100, but the fact is that the higher the Dollar Index, the more likelihood that we living in Thailand will get more Thai Baht for each US Dollar we bring/sell.

At this time I would certainly bet on the US Dollar gaining strength over the next 6 -12 months, before I bet on any other Currency ding the same.

Whilst this may not effect all Expats in Thailand, it does impact on those being pad a US Pension or those trying to bring their US Dollar denomination into Thailand for purchases such as property and the like.

From a personal point, I would like a strong USD for the next 10 Months, so I need Trump/Republicans to win the US House and Senate in November to keep this US Dollar ball rolling. =D>

After May next year I don't give a Rats Arse \:D/

PS I can't swim, so I stay off Bridges

Cheers :lol:


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Re: Baht What up with Dat?????

Post by pipoz4444 » December 6, 2018, 12:18 pm

pipoz4444 wrote:
July 26, 2018, 11:36 am
Since the start of 2014, the That Baht has mostly been above TB 32 to the USD.It had one very small dip below 32 in the mid-end of 2014 and another larger dip down to 31 in the first half or 2018. Aside from these two dips (one really) TB 32 to the USD would appear to the the floor for the Thai Baht. Lets hope so.

Anything prior to April 2015 is insignificant, as it would appear that the current Thai Government/Ruling Power works in favor of those expats transferring money into Thailand.

Now if the American Political scene can just stabilize somewhat and their November elections don't through a Wobbly, then we (Expats) might just see the Thai Baht return to a comfortable TB 34 to the USD, by the end of this year.One can only hope so.

Well, I think it is going to fall short of my hopes [-o<

Buy the looks of it, that Baht is stuck in a rut, in the 32's, somewhere between 32.50 and 32.90 to the US Dollar.

With all that as happened in the last six months in the US and the recent House elections going to the Dem's, I fear that it will pretty much stay just under 33.00, for a while, until the next..................... :-k

The following was a forecast back in September 2018, which if half correct (i.e Forecast of Thailand’s economic growth this year to 4.6 per cent), will tend to hold the Thai Baht down under that 33.00 ,mark until the next ............... :-k

Extract THE UNIVERSITY of Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) has raised its forecast of Thailand’s economic growth this year to 4.6 per cent from an earlier estimate of 4.5 per cent after improved export, tourism and crop prices. It also expects the Bt40-billion spending in the 2019 general elections to spur the economy.

Thanavath Phonvichai, director of UTCC’s Centre for Business and Economic Forecasting, said export and tourism sectors have continued to expand from early this year thanks to a boost in global economy and increase in the prices of several crops, particularly paddy rice, sugar cane and corn. Private investment is also showing signs of recovery and public spending has increased, he said. UTCC reckons Thai exports will grow by 8.7 per cent and imports will rise by 12.6 per cent. The country’s current account is expected to have a surplus of US$34.6 billion (Bt1.1 trillion). Headline inflation is predicted at 1.2 per cent, while the currency is expected to hover at 31.50 to 33.50 per US dollar.


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