Weathermen vs. Weatherants

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Weathermen vs. Weatherants

Post by parrot » February 11, 2019, 4:27 pm

Eons ago when we lived in Texas, we noticed that ants seemed to be better at predicting oncoming rains than the weathermen. A day or two or three before it rained, we'd notice ants scurrying about, carrying eggs from one location to another.....all the while, the weathermen would be forecasting zero or near zero chances of rain.
Asian ants seem to have the same dna........and last night we noticed several areas in our yard and near the house where ants were on the march. When I checked weather, there was near-zero chance of rain. This morning, we noticed more ants but yet the website said no rain expected.

Finally, this afternoon, after a few drops started to fall, I noticed that had updated and showed a 30% chance.

What do ants know that the weathermen don't?

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Weathermen vs. Weatherants

Post by Barney » February 11, 2019, 5:13 pm

Good call Parrot,
Bring your washing in.
Looking ominous over my pool and to the direct north to Laos from my protected outdoor bed.
Few spots last evening with the wind and the clouds are building now.

But it could be an iclimax event

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