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Re: Old age care homes Udon Thani

Post by FrazeeDK » February 22, 2021, 8:31 am

I guess how a rest home/retirement home is organized is contingent upon the target audience. A lower income group likely couldn't afford private rooms.. A facility set up to cater to higher income expats probably would have private rooms or suites. Stateside I have a 90 year old cousin who lives near Washington DC who moved into a "transitional" retirement home. Currently he is fully mobile and has a one bedroom apartment with small office. The facility staff check on him regularly and he gets maid service a couple of times a week. If his condition declines he can move into partially assisted apartment/room in the same building. Should he go into cognitive or a bad physical decline the facility has a fully 24/7 assisted wing. Could something like that be marketed in Udon? Perhaps..

Thinking about it a bit more made me remember that AEK Udon has that whole back wing of rooms.. I wonder what the occupancy is these days. I would think a portion of that could be remodelled to cater to an elder care clientele. Having the hospital readily available and a large medical support staff already on hand as well as a cafeteria seems to make it a potentially doable concept...


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Re: Old age care homes Udon Thani

Post by parrot » February 22, 2021, 11:48 pm

Back in the late 1990's/early 2000's, an American friend's elderly mother used to visit Udon each year for vacation. After she began suffering from dementia, she stayed with her son and wife in Udon for a year or two. She then spent over a year In Wattana Hospital in a private room with round-the-clock nursing care. She died age 97. I don't know details, but my friend told me that the mother's social security checks paid for most of the care. He was content that she was receiving better care there than would be afforded her back in the US and much better care than he or his wife could provide at their home.
Over a year ago, I climbed the staircases at AEK and Bangkok Hospital while waiting for lab results. I got to the top floor of AEK and at least 5 floors were completely unoccupied. I think I got to the fifth floor of Bangkok Hospital where it was empty and the staircase to higher floors was blocked. Bangkok Hospital is now building a multi-floor add-on with car park.
I've long held that there's a business opportunity out there......and places like those listed in the links above are signs that Thais in general are more accepting and able to pay for such care. Whether Udon is ready for a Chiangmai-type resort with Euro quality care.......I'm not sure we're there yet.

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Re: Old age care homes Udon Thani

Post by Drunk Monkey » February 23, 2021, 7:52 am

With reference to old peoples /care homes etc .. possibly a market for elderly expats but not sure about Thais .. they seem to take care of Yai n Pa within the home as a tight knit family and not ship em out into care ... also there is the cost involved which may be beyond the budgets of many both Thai and Expat.

I would imagine there is a mountain of redtape , licensing , rules , regs and laws to follow in registering a home here.

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