Udon Thani (unique in offer) very Large new home on lease-purchase basis in 10 years (without interest ')

Udon Thani property for sale & Wanted.
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Udon Thani (unique in offer) very Large new home on lease-purchase basis in 10 years (without interest ')

Post by Pieter » April 8, 2021, 2:10 pm

Early this morning a phone call that my hire-purchase customer has too little work to continue the hire-purchase contract

Unfortunately for the previous occupants, with the covid-19 problem (little work) they could not continue the hire purchase and had to forgo the hire purchase contract

Offered, a beautiful very large detached house, (2 years old)
With 5 bedrooms / 4 bathrooms / large living room / kitchen diner / large beautiful courtyard / 2 terraces / shed / carport for 2 cars

In the city of Udon Thani in the residential area of ​​Nung Bu (3 kilometers from the inner ring road) road 2410 leading to the inner city Udon and more importantly, to the large university of Sam Phrao around the corner from the large Nung Bu natural lake With all the luxury advantages and conveniences of a large civilized university city '

'The true value of the enjoyment of living is determined by the location of the home, accessibility, schools for any children, healthcare, accessibility, habitation, etc.' This beautiful house more than meets all high foreign requirements' It is located in a zoning plan Udon Thani where the building lots / houses will soon be sold by project developers, which makes the sales prices prohibitive! As everywhere in the world 'Due to the growing demand for real estate, a substantial increase in value can be expected in the coming years !! (This all over the world ')' Based on the free market, given the scarcity, supply and demand.

When purchasing this rental purchase property, everything is officially described by a lawyer! (Didn't come to Thailand for trouble! And have multiple hire purchase clients)

First Deposit 500 000 Bath '

Commutation per month 20,000 Bath per month for 10 years'

With compulsory home insurance! this as security for both of us!

After 'the redemption of the hire purchase it will be officially described in your name'

Unfortunately, due to the private reasons of the residents, cannot post photos but we can already go through things privately!

Please correspond via e-mail 'then we can make an appointment, the house will be available on 1 May' for sale 'and is then accessible'

pdsmit5@hotmail.com Pieter Dirk Smit (Dutchman living in Udon for 13 years)

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