Windows 10 Update after 1 Year

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Windows 10 Update after 1 Year

Post by parrot » April 8, 2021, 2:56 pm

We returned from our 6 week (planned), 13 month (actual) vacation to the US......time to turn on the computer and see what works.....or doesn't. I put the plug in the wall, pressed the power button on the desktop....nothing. Rechecked everything, tried again, nothing. Crap. As I was about to go to bed, I remembered the UPS.......oh, yeah, gotta turn on the UPS first. Power on, everything booted up fine, windows started an update, then gave me a message that my version was soon to be obsolete and I'd need to download the new version. After about 2 hours of download, restarting, installing, etc etc......everything is back to normal......completely up to date and working fine. And people still complain about Windows??

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Re: Windows 10 Update after 1 Year

Post by tamada » April 8, 2021, 3:38 pm

^ After such a long hiatus, expect W10 to be backloading all sorts of catchups and updates until it's "really" up to date. If it boots up and you get one of those long blank screens after the wee blue windowframe logo disappears, just leave it be as something will be going on under the hood.

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