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Visa to Mastercard

Post by LoneTraveler » December 6, 2022, 2:40 pm

Hi I was doing some research on the best bank and ATM card for my daughter to have a savings account. I looked at the top 5 banks in Thailand and I noticed they all have the "Mastercard logo" on their individual ATM cards. Does anyone know when this happened and why?

I have not checked out any ATM cards from other banks in years because I have recently renewed my ATM (debit) card about 1 year ago from Bangkok Bank and it has the Visa Logo but now I see they now have the Mastercard Logo on all of their cards.

I recall my debit and credit cards from the US changed from using both Mastercard and Visa to Visa only and Visa is still the only option I have at my bank in the US. I wonder if the situation is now reversed in Thailand. Just curious and wonder if there will be any financial impact, interest rates, comes to mind.

By the way, I chose GHI Bank for my daughter because for now, it will be simple savings account transactions for when she attends University.

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Re: Visa to Mastercard

Post by jackspratt » December 6, 2022, 2:42 pm

My recently acquired K-bank ATM/debit card is Visa branded.

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Re: Visa to Mastercard

Post by the-monk » December 14, 2022, 2:40 pm

2-3 weeks ago, whilw using my ATM card i got a message warning me that my card was about to expire and that i should visit my Bank. Today i went to my bank, only bank i ever used, the Kasikorn at Central to obtain a new ATM card. I was
Politely told that this Kasikorn Central Branch issues one year ATM Card ONLY and for 300 B and that the other Kasokorn branches offer 5 year ATM card for the same price. Yes this is a Visa branded card.

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