UEFA Football World Cup Qualifying Russia 2018

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Re: UEFA Football World Cup Qualifying Russia 2018

Post by stattointhailand » May 18, 2018, 8:07 pm

Hate to say it, but the ex smoggie (no doubt why both Shelvey and Lascelles were overlooked) summed it up when he said he had picked players to play the system that he wanted to play .........

Well we all know what to look forward too then ............ Plan "A" bring the ball out from the back lose it (Stones and MaGuire are both masters of this) and give away a goal. Give the ball too one of the SIX wing backs who will bomb down the wing and providing they dont run it out for a goal kick will cross for the opposition goalkeeper to collect. Harry Kane will get more and more frustrated at lack of service and drop into his own half to actually get a touch of the ball. Jamie Vardy will run himself into the ground making darting runs and watching Henderson pass to Walker or Trippier or Young or Delph or Rose or Arnold who will make the next run down the wing.

Plan "B" same as plan "A" with 2 different wing backs....
Plan "C" Same as plans "A" & "B" with previously unused two wing backs
Plan "D" get on plane and come home on 29th June

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