Udon Christian School

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Udon Christian School

Post by daithic » June 12, 2018, 6:43 pm

Does anyone have kids in this school? I recently paid for extra after-school classes for this term, Mon-Thurs every week.
We were originally told that the four classes per week would be with a foreign English-speaking teacher.

During week 1, they changed their tune. Four classes per week with a foreign English-speaking teacher was reduced down to two + one class of Chinese and one class of Thai. I went in to complain and was told that was the best they could do with the resources they have. By the end of week 1, and possibly due to my complaint, it turned out to be 3 English classes + one Chinese class.

Great news, I thought. No. Of the 3 English classes, two of them were taught by Thai teachers and only one with a foreign English-speaking teacher, who, I might add, the school try to pass off as an American but she has a strong Spanish speaker's accent so there is no way she is a NES teacher.

When I asked what my kid learned in the English classes taught by Thai teachers, I was told writing and grammar etc. The usual Thai English teachers' lazy approach to teaching English. Was there any English spoken in the class? No. All Thai.

I went to UCS again today and the direct seemed disinterested at best. I spoke to a very helpful teacher who speaks excellent English and she said she would try to find out what is happening.

I will give them this week to sort it out or I will be seriously pissed off. At best, they are incompetent and they couldn't plan this properly. At worst, they blatantly lied to parents in the knowledge that they did not and would not have enough foreign teachers to provide what they advertised and tricked parents to pay for.

Any other parents out there who are concerned about this?


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Re: Udon Christian School

Post by stattointhailand » June 12, 2018, 9:15 pm

Which of the "Udon Christian Schools" are you referring to daithic?

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Re: Udon Christian School

Post by jimjay » June 12, 2018, 10:19 pm

The "Director" etc seem disinterested because yes, everything falls apart no matter how hard they try with regard to retaining foreign language teachers.

And, they have parents "come at them" in every imaginable way. Frustrating yes. Solvable by any means, no.

My oldest daughter went to Udon Christian for a few years when they had the foreign teachers, but as of late we've seen that group of foreign teachers dwindle down to nothing. They were connected to a specific organization, and all lived in the same building someplace near Udon Hospital. Luke, etc., I forget the lasses' names. Maybe Thailand or Udon Immigration shafted them once more. Someone here will have the scoop.

So, not sure your approach in anger / frustration is going to get any results. Usually making issues at the school just backfires on the kid. Udon just doesn't cut the mustard when it comes to keeping talent around.

I'd ask for a refund and / or just pull out of the after school situation, and get your kid into an outside vendor that your wife can research in Thai among Thais in the multiple Facebook Groups parents frequent as they exchange info and network, regarding where they can or are getting positive results.

I'll try to get links from my wife for these to send you. Try to keep the kid there otherwise, -ours had an OK run all things considered.

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