good people out there .

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good people out there .

Post by timmy » August 16, 2019, 11:24 am

a few of you may have seen a post I put on a week or 2 ago about looking for a " white kitten " . well walking through the night market me and the mrs spotted a beautiful white Persian kitten about 8 weeks old did a deal with the stall holder and off we went , this was last Saturday night at about 7pm just before the big storm . they put the kitten in a beer box and strapped it on my motorbike rear carrier , got from N/M to nong prajak , just as storm broke but the kitten was GONE … went back looked where we could knowing there's not a chance in hell of finding him , but we tried . the mrs look on the Thai F/B websites no luck but kept looking each day , then yesterday she saw photos of a kitten found near to Karen hotel it was ours .. we had to prove it and luckily the stall holder had taken a few shots of the kitten and my wife then forwarded them to her , for the proof we needed and we collected him last night , the Thai guy would not except a reward at all , but the group he runs on F/B is cat owners of Udon Thani . TOPMAN .

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Re: good people out there .

Post by Drunk Monkey » August 16, 2019, 12:45 pm

Nice story timmy .. good to read a happy ending now n then

Btw .. was it an Archa box?? Maybe the kitten prefers chang ?
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