Same, same at Udon immigration… well almost!

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Same, same at Udon immigration… well almost!

Post by frankieboy37 » August 16, 2019, 6:01 pm

Realising that there have been official changes in immigration policies and/or renewed interest in enforcing long-standing policies (viz. TM30), ahead of my 8th annual extension of permission to stay on the basis of retirement I tried to predetermine what I might need to change in terms of documents this time around. The more I read the more the inconsistencies presented themselves. So, I decided to take along the very same equivalent papers that I have done every year and just deal with the consequences:
1. Application form (TM7) with one photo attached
2. Bank documents
a) Letter from bank b) copy of bank book detail page c) copy showing activity (in other words that is at least 2/3 months with 800,000-baht d) the bank book itself
3. Residence documents
a) Signed letter from house/hotel owner b) copy of their ID
4. Map of location of residence
5. Copies from passport
a) Main page
b) Copy of TM6 and latest entry to Thailand stamp
c) Copy of Non-Immigrant O visa transferred from old passport

For the first time they also wanted a signed copy by the landlord of the thabiian baan (ทะเบียนบ้าน) of the property in which I lived. That was all. No mention of TM30s or anything else and of course I did not ask.

Now follows a slightly drawn out explanation, unfortunately with yet more fuel to stoke the prevailing fire of ambiguity and uncertainty but after the ducking and diving all, thankfully, worked out very well in the end.

My landlord, caring fellow though he is, does not inspire confidence in accomplishing tasks so when he said he wasn’t really sure about the whereabouts of the thabiian baan he gave me a signed copy of the thabiian baan of the house next door where he resides. This, of course, points up the absurdity of me, as a temporary resident, being a kind of go-between between two Thai entities. I had obtained the telephone number of the female official at immigration with the specific idea of getting these two Thai parties to talk directly with each other and avoid my go-between function. The landlord did speak to her and then assured me that what he had now given me would achieve the goal. I wasn’t so sure. It was too late in the day by now so I decided to return the next day (as in today) which had previously been agreed with the female official who reassured me that the bank letter would still be valid but I would need to go and update my bank book again.

The next day the female official that had dealt with me yesterday was not present and the male substitute official, after looking at the thabiian baan copy I had been furnished with, immediately asked me where was the copy of the thabiian baan for the property where I lived. I suggested he called the female official who had spoken to my landlord yesterday. However, at that particular point I just wondered, even though there was no doubt in my mind about the full-proof evidence it provided -because as we know logic does not always win through in these situations- if my Thai rental contract with my address and landlord’s address that I was pulling from my bag might help the situation. Yes, he said that would be fine and terminated his telephone call. The mission at that precise moment therefore was accomplished with just that single extra document compared with previous years. Nobody in the years I have been doing this has ever asked to see a thabiian baan or a contract and I still have not heard any mention of or seen anything relating to a TM30.

Once the contract was admitted as good evidence the whole process was very quick and friendly, arguably the quickest and friendliest in my experiences so far, and I include the two officials at the 90-day report desk where I had to get a new reminder inserted in my passport.

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Re: Same, same at Udon immigration… well almost!

Post by RLTrader » August 16, 2019, 6:54 pm

Just goes to show you, Take Everything You Read on the Internet with a CUP of Salt!

For it most likely is 4 or 5 hands deep and therefore beyond belief.


Just get a copy of the current requirements from Immigration like I posted in another link.
Which show that there has been No Changes. Well unless you think a change at a foreign Embassy's is a
change. :lol:

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Re: Same, same at Udon immigration… well almost!

Post by Lone Star » August 16, 2019, 7:23 pm

frankieboy37 wrote:
August 16, 2019, 6:01 pm
Realising that there have been official changes in immigration policies
. . .
Same, same.

Like I always say, what happens for you or me or someone else today, may not happen for anyone tomorrow. TIT.

Always be prepared for anything.
AMERICA: One of the Greatest Stories Ever Told.

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Re: Same, same at Udon immigration… well almost!

Post by AlexO » August 20, 2019, 2:10 pm

1st 90 report after issue of Extension today. In and out in 3 minutes flat. Absolutely no mention of Bank Statements or confirmation of funds in Bank. Have yet to read of anyone has been asked for this information but did read an article in The Thaiger in an interview with a very, very senior IO who stated that contrary to all rumours there have been no changes to last years requirements. Only difference I have seen is the Visa agents hiking the price for 'helping' with the application due to "need keep money in Bank". Rogues and vagabonds Milord.

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